Wifi Unlocker APK [Latest] v1.1.3 Download & Get the Access to All the Wifi Networks Near You

Wifi Unlocker APK is the app that will help you get the access to all the wifi networks near you. This is the app which will help you check the security of the wifi. Being called as one of the most useful apps Wifi Unlocker APK never fails to impress.

It is very simple to use and easy to download, this is the app which was earlier started for people to have understood and educate students and people about the auditing and security checking of the app that will be helpful to not avoid the mistake of making wifi vulnerable.

With Wifi Unlocker Android you can view the open networks and can also get access to these wifi networks; not just that this app should also be used with utmost safety and consciousness so that you do not head into something unethical.

Well that is a humans choice to which side to take hence wait no more and know more about Wifi Unlocker 2018 in our post mentioned below.

Wifi Unlocker APK

App Name: Wifi Unlocker APK

Version: v1.1.3

Developer: Anon Tech

Supported Version: Android 4.1+

Last Updated: October 08, 2018

Latest Wifi Unlocker APK File Information

Application Wifi Unlocker APK
App Size 6.3 MB
Total Downloads 260,000+
Supported Version Android 4.1+
App Developer Anon Tech
Last Updated October 08, 2018

Features of Wifi Unlocker App

  • This is the app which is very simple and easy to down; load.
  • It does not require the rooting of the device.
  • It fits and works on all kind of wifi networks.
  • Wifi Unlocker APK works on following apparatus Blink, SpeedTouch, Thomson, Orange, INFINITUM, BigPond, Otenet, O2Wireless, Bbox, privat, DMAX, DLink, Discus, eircom, FASTWEB-1, Alice, WLAN_, WLAN, JAZZTEL, YaCom, SKY, TECOM-AH4222,TECOM-AH4021, InfostradaWiFi, TN_private_, CYTA, InterCable, Axtel and MegaRed.

How to use Wifi Unlocker APK?

Wifi Unlocker is a very simple and easy app download following are the steps to go for the download of this app.
Download Wifi Unlocker Android from the help of a link:

  • Install the app and open the app.
  • You will then see the option to go for the refresh.
  • Go into the wifi setting and refresh the device.
  • You will then see a variety of options that open up.
  • You can see the list the wifi networks and choose yours to put its security to test.
  • You can also get access to other wifis, by copying their password or security code.
  • You can feed the password and have the access to someone else’s wifi network.

Latest Screenshots of Wifi Unlocker

Wrap Up

So in this world of technology, we have access and resources to everything that is available on the internet not just that there is also this pressing need to know more and to get the technology advanced. In a way, we are always towards the ladder of wanting more and more. One such example is Wifi Unlocker.

Being the need if the hour everyone stays connected with everyone on the touch of a button and the evidence to that is you might not know the name of your neighbor but then you can possibly have a facebook friend miles.

Amidst all that there are people who want to enjoy this technological development and connectivity but do not want to spend a penny on that, thus there was a pressing need to come forth with Wifi Unlocker as this is useful to put the security of your wifi to test, hence there should be no chance that you should be missing out on anything like that.

You can also let us know if you liked Wifi Unlocker app and can also let us know about the suggestion if any that can be brought in order to help us serve better content we are always here to improve and get plus you won’t even need to check our security check we are always on the way to get better.

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